It’s time to take a great poop again

Toileting/how to take a poop

For an average person, a day doesn’t go without him or her paying a visit to the bathroom to take a poop. In as much as taking a poop sounds like an easy task and a simple routine, a lot of care has to be taken when visiting the toile to make sure it’s taken in the right way.

Below are a few toileting tips that will help you take a great poop.

Take a good and a healthy diet. It goes without saying that we excrete what we eat. It’s highly recommended that you take a meal with a lot of plant foods. This is because they contain a lot of fibers that are very important when it comes to taking a crap. Leafy greens, fresh fruits and cruciferous vegetables contain these important fibers. Add some avocadoes into your plate for some good fats. For people prone to conditions like diarrhea consider taking some nuts or seeds. To add to all that, ensure you consume enough proteins as they help strengthen your bowel muscles. These proteins can be sourced from eggs or even milk.

Assume a good position when taking the poop. Most people in the word tend to squat when taking a poop. Sitting on the toilet pot is not the best position to take a poop either. This is because it brings lots of strains in order to eliminate whatever is coming out since the rectum will have been forced into a sort of a kinked position. This is really serious as it can even lead to hemorrhoids. The best way of doing this is elevating your feet to achieve that position of squatting. You can achieve this by stepping on a little basket or even a stool.

Proper timing is essential. Most people have always ignored poop timing. It’s recommended that you make time for the toilet at least once a day. For people that face constipation, take about 15 minutes of your morning to sit on the toilet bowl. It comes with amazing health benefits. Since this sounds really silly, make yourself comfortable in the toilet by reading a good book or even using your smartphone. The main goal is to ensure you spend enough time in there so as to teach your body to excrete each and every day.

Finally, hygiene comes in handy after taking a poop. It’s really obvious that poop contains lots of germs and pathogens. Its therefore advisable that after taking a crap, ensure you wipe your butt neat. Use a lot of tissue to make sure that you reach each and every point of the butt crack. For people who can’t reach their butts, acquire a wiping aid or get some help. When wiping the butt, do it backwards to avoid infections.

With the above tips, you’re good to use your toilet. Good luck taking your poop!

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5 Things You Will Need When Preparing for a Marathon

5 Things You Will Need When Preparing for a Marathon

As the old adage says, practice makes perfect. Can you really expect to win a marathon without practicing? The answer is a big NO; practice is inevitable if victory is the goal. You must keep fit, and the following are the things you will need when preparing for a marathon:

  1. Music Player

Music is a legal drug for athletes (Dr. Costas Karageorghis, Brunel University). In his book, Inside Sports Psychology; Dr. Karageorghis asserts that your performance will be boosted by up to 15% if you are listening to music while running. Read on how muisc impacts the mood here

Having a music player around makes a big difference as you run. As an athlete you will find yourself running to the tune of the beat. The music also pulls lots of crowds and spectators to the marathon. That thunderous cheer is the motivation you need to keep going and focused. The music player brings into place a sense of occasion and creates an amazing atmosphere for the marathon race. What are joyo pedals

  1. Hydration Fluids

Make sure you take lots of water one day to the marathon. Proper hydration is indicated by light yellow urine. Medically, it’s advisable to take eight glasses of water daily. However, for an athlete you should go further than this; men should take 13 glasses while the women should take 9 glasses of water daily. Nonetheless, be very much careful to avoid over dehydration or risk poor performance in the marathon. Keep away from every manner of sleep stimulation and dehydration elements such as alcohol and caffeine. You should wear the best shemagh when you’re not training.





  1. Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are energy giving foods. You need sufficient energy for the marathon. Make sure that before the day of the marathon, you put yourself on a high degree diet of carbohydrates. In fact, let roughly 75% of your diet be carbohydrate calories. Some athletes take rice but don’t limit yourself too much. You can have some bread, cakes, and oatmeal. However, make sure you don’t overfeed the night before the race. This might spell doom for you on the marathon track.

  1. You Need The Strategize

Pick the copy of the course map in your race packet after your registration. Alternatively, you can ask one from a registration volunteer or simply download one from the website of the race. You need to be mentally prepared for the race and be familiar with the expectations of points of elevation and hilly paths. This gives you the opportunity to realize when and where to conserve your energy for an ascending stretch. In fact, you can drive the track route before it’s cordoned off. Identify the cooling places for hydration during the marathon.

  1. Relax

Having prepared sufficiently for the marathon, consider relaxing and having some time off to unwind. Plan to have around three hours for quiet settlement. This will only be possible if you organize yourself early enough.  You can find a good novel/book or some cool movie to relax your mind. In the interest of time, set your alarm to avoid any chances of being late for the marathon.